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Shark Rotator ~ NV500 Professional Navigator Lift-Away

Shark Rotator Series NV500

Several years ago Euro-Pro introduced their first Shark Navigator Lift-Away Upright Vacuum which really did redefined the vacuum industry.

Even after years of home usage, the result is over 95 % of Shark owners still recommend a Sharks Vacuum , by their consistent 4-5 star rating.Shark Rotator

Just when you thought you had purchased the best of the best Shark Vacuums, now Euro-Pro has once again revolutionized the vacuum industry by introducing the new high performance Shark Navigator 3-in-1 Professional Rotator Lift-Away.

Shark claims it is the greatest vacuum breakthrough in the past 20 years.

The versatile Rotator is like having 3 incredible vacuums in one:

  • A powerful upright with enhanced swivel steering for superior maneuverability around furniture and tight corners.
  • A lift away for super lightweight and portable cleaning That tackles the toughest jobs where other vacuums just can’t go
  • And with the optional caddy, now you can put the liftaway on wheels, for even greater versatility

Taking a look at all the 4-5 star ratings, it is easily understood that Shark has taken the most recommended vacuum in America and has enhanced its features even further to make it even better compared to the original Shark Navigator Lift-Away models.
Compare Euro Pro’s NV350 vs the New Shark Rotator ~ NV500.

The new Shark Navigator Professional NV500 Lift-Away Rotator has:

  • Better suction power for deep down carpet cleaning that removes the hidden dirt not seen.
  • Better and more flexible multi surface cleaning.
  • Enhanced swivel steering for even better maneuverability
  • A new extra large capacity dust cup that lets you clean larger areas faster and gives you the instant ability to empty the contents with a simple push of a button.

And you still get Sharks patented true no loss of suction technology!

Best of all the Rotator lift-away offers even more versatility*

  • For easy cleaning on stairs and banisters,
  • Hard to reach areas like ceiling fans and on top of bookcases,
  • Under small tight areas like kitchen appliances.
  • Instantly remove pet hair and dander from chairs and couches
  • Delicately clean small keepsakes and computer keyboards
  • Or simply take it to your car for super clean detailing.
  • Go from your area rugs, tile, thick piled rugs to your stairs all in one vacuum.

*These features are accessible only through the Dust Eliminator Kit: More details here.

However the Rotator Lift-Away doesn’t stop there ~

For years the vacuum industry has claimed that having a HEPA filter was the best way to trap dust and allergens.

The truth is if your vacuum does not have a system that is completely sealed, then the dust and allergens that you vacuum up escape back into the air before they even reach the HEPA filter itself.

That is bad news because allergy and asthma experts, such as the The American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology, agree that even low levels of particle pollution’s can be damaging to people with allergies and put children, teens and seniors at risk of for things like asthma.

Shark Offer

But the Shark Rotator Professional Lift-Away complete seal technology locks in 99.99% of dust and allergens and expels cleaner air…That’s great news for pet owners and people who suffer from allergies.

Shark Rotator NV500 Lift-Away gives you more enhanced swivel steering and better cleaning performance. Plus Shark has added even more suction power and increased it’s cleaning capacity compared to the the original Shark Navigator Lift-Away models..

Like the original Lift-away, the new Shark Rotator is still the only vacuum that lifts away the canister to give you that same no loss of suction cleaning power in a portable.

The Rotator also has a totally sealed system so advanced that it actually cleans the air in the room as you vacuum because it’s Anti-Allergen complete seal technology locks in 99.99% of the tiniest dust particles so they don’t escape back into the air you breath. Claims to expel cleaner air.

Shark put all that added performance into the new Rotator Lift-Away and still kept the price under $200.00.

The new Rotator power head with enhanced easy to maneuver swivel steering has patented technology that even deep cleans carpets better than Dyson’s newest vacuum, the Animal DC41.

With the Shark Rotator NV500 Lift-Away you will receive:

  • An onboard 11”crevice tool
  • Dusting brush
  • Premium pet hair power brush
  • 60 day money back guaranteed ~ Shark will even pay the return shipping. Both Ways!
  • VIP service guarantee: If anything should go wrong…in the next 5 years…. full service in home warranty, shark will take care of everything including shipping and handling both ways

Sharks Special Offer: If you order a Shark Rotator Lift-Away but only through their official website, you will also receive their amazing Shark steam mop which cleans and sanitized floors without chemicals.

That’s a $100 gift for ordering a less than $200 product. When ordering be sure to mention the Portable Caddy as well as the Dust Eliminator Kit.

Learn the Difference between Shark Rotator Models ~ NV400 vs. NV450 vs. NV500~ The proof is in the accessories ~

Download Shark PDF Manual’s Here!

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