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Shark NV350 ~ Navigator Lift-Away

The Shark NV350 ~ Navigator Lift-Away offers superior cleaning with Sharks patented “Never Loss Suction” technology; designed in an ultra lightweight and swivel head steerable upright vacuum, AND at an affordable price. ($199+) With Sharks unique detachable canister and Sharks ultra-quiet system, you can clean anywhere, anytime.NV350

Other vacuums use filters or bags that clog and lose suction. Shark Navigator features a dust cup designed with the patented technology to spin the air at a high speed to keep dirt and dust away from the filters. Over time, the filters stay cleaner longer, resulting in a steady suction and airflow~ the never loss suction power. This means the vacuum maintains its suction power so you will never lose cleaning power.

**Some people have complained about the small dust cup, however, with the first initial use of the Shark NV350, you will find that it picks up what other vacuums have left behind making you wonder if you house was “truly” as clean as you thought. Over time and with a regular cleaning routine, you will find yourself making less trips to the garbage pail to empty the Shark dust cup contents.

Using the Shark NV350~ Navigator Lift-Away Vaccuum Cleaner

With Shark’s 2 motor system, select the “I On” position for suction only cleaning such as bare floors. When cleaning carpets, use the “II Brush Roll On” position to agitate the carpet fibers for deeper cleaning performance.

When should the Bare Floor setting be used?
(“I On”): Use the bare floor setting when you are on delicate carpets or hard floor surfaces. It is also the setting to use for above-floor cleaning and for use when attaching the accessories.

What is the “Brush Roll” setting and when should it be used?
(“II On”): Use the brush roll setting when you want to deep clean your carpets as well as when you want to pick up hairs, pet fur, and fibers.

Please read below for more information on Sharks unique 2 motor system design!


    NV350 Side

  • 25′ power cord~clean multiple rooms from a single outlet
  • Only 12.8 lbs (full unit)~lightweight and portable with it’s Lift-Away feature
  • 7.5 lbs (canister alone)
  • Dimensions: 45.2″ high x 11.4″ wide x 12.4″ deep
  • Clean stairs with ease, cobwebs on ceilings,draperies and blinds, dust bunnies in corners etc.
  • Swivel head- to maneuver around chair legs and tight corners
  • The dust cup holds 1.2 dry quarts (to the fill line) and 3.0 dry quarts (real world capacity). It has an easy, bottom-empty design for quick removal of debris.
  • On board tool holder~ designed to hold the shorter crevice tool and dusting brush
  • Accessory bag (only available on certain navigator models).

Premium Tools Included:
Lifetime Belt and Filters: These parts last the life of the product and are covered under normal use for the warranty period.

Lifetime Belt – Shark Navigator intelligent electronic system will shut off the power nozzle motor to avoid belt wear if you block the brush roll with a large object such as a sock or carpet edge. Simply turn off the power, remove the obstruction, and then return to vacuuming – with no belt maintenance or replacement costs to worry about!

Lifetime Filters– Shark Navigator’s filter system will last the life of your vacuum, with minimal maintenance and zero replacement costs.

The Premium tools also include an interchangeable hard floor nozzle for large and small particles and a variety of tools that provide superior pet hair pickup.

Accessories with the NV350 ~Navigator Lift-Away~NV350 Attachments

  • Bare Floor Nozzle ideal for hard floor cleaning and great at picking up large amounts of debris quickly and effortlessly. Low-profile, clear front design allows you to easily access any area and to see all the dirt and particles being sucked up by the Shark® Navigator™ Lift-Away.
  • 5.5″ and 1-24″ crevice tool for reaching deep into narrow spaces and cleaning between cushions, under radiators, baseboards and in hard-to-reach crevices and corners.
  • Dusting Brush with soft bristles to gently dust shelves, televisions, lamp shades, window blinds, books, furniture and other upholstered household items
  • Accessory Tool Holder designed to hold the 5.5″ crevice tool and dusting brush and provide quick access to these tools while vacuuming and cleaning around the house.
  • Premium Large Turbo Brush for fast and easy removal of pet hair and ground-in dirt from carpeted stairs and upholstery.
  • HEPA Filter with Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology™ trapping over 99.99% of dirt and allergens inside the vacuum, not into the air you breathe.
  • Large Accessory Bag for storage of all your vacuum accessories.

The Shark Vacuum Reviews: O.K. So Now that I have told you about the Pro’s of the Shark NV350…How about reading about the Con’s Here~ Be Knowledgeable before you buy!

Download Shark Manual’s Here!

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