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Compare Shark NV22 vs. Shark NV22L

Compare Shark’s Navigator NV22 Models

If you have been scratching your head, trying to figure out the difference between the Shark Navigator NV22 and the NV22L Shark models are –then please read further.

Both of these models are lightweight and easy to carry at under 15 lbs. They both provide superior deep carpet and bare floor cleaning with their 2 motor head system. One motor is designed for hardwoods and vacuuming furniture with the attachments, while the other motor is designed for cleaning carpets.

Other Features: Both the Shark NV22 & Shark NV22L are equipped with:

  • Infinity Technology with 21 cyclones that trap dust and dirt
  • Lifetime filters – no replacement filter costs
  • Ergonomic Grip – for a more comfortable hand position
  • Super stretch hose for #a 12′ long cleaning reach
  • Bagless Dust Cup – no bags to replace

Features that neither navigator has compared to other Shark models:
Neither the Shark NV22 nor the Shark NV22L have a swivel head. If you have never had this feature before in a vacuum, then you probably won’t miss it. However, once you experience the ease of maneuvering around table legs and chairs…there is no turning back.

Additionally neither one of these models have the lift-away feature. With these two models, you will literally have to pick the whole machine up to get at those out of the way places such as ceilings or maneuver stairs. The lift-away feature makes the machine quite enjoyable when cleaning stairs or cobwebs on the ceiling.

So What Are The Differences Between the Shark NV22 and the Shark NV22L?:
Basically the NV22 was exclusively made for Walmart. This model comes in either blue or lavender. The NV22L only comes in lavender. (L)Navigator

Power Cord: Shark NV22 has a 30ft power cord vs. the Shark NV22L a 25ft power cord.

Attachments: The Shark NV22 comes standard with a 12” crevice tool while the Shark NV22L is packaged with a 24” crevice tool. The Shark NV22 also does not come with the power pet attachment either, unlike the NV22L which does.

Price: Shark NV22 is only available at Walmart for around $129.00. The Shark NV22L is priced around $149.00. *Note: If you buy the NV22L at the Shark website, you also pay a $46 nonrefundable shipping & handling fee so be sure to include this charge when you compare Shark prices.

Bottom Line: Basically for a difference of about $20 you will find a much better deal with the NV22L. However, for the savvy investor, who would like the lift-away feature and the pivoting head, my recommendation would be to purchase the NV352…read more here!

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Download your Shark PDF Owners Manual Here!

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