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Note: The Shark Navigator and the Shark Rotator Models have quite similar features. Watch the videos on the Shark Rotator and Compare them to the Shark Navigator Models.

FAQ’s: Shark Navigator questions embedded with Shark Rotator videos.

Q: Please list the accessories that come with the Shark Euro-Pro Patented Navigator Lift-Away?

A: All the Shark Navigator Lift-Away models are basically the same within their own series except when it comes to the actual accessories. Refer to the individual models #’s for a full description.

However, provided below are the descriptions of the individual accessories available within the different lift-away models..

Dusting Brush: This brush really does a fabulous job with it’s soft bristles. Because of Sharks superb suction power, you are able to gently and effectively dust window blinds, lamp shades and televisions. After removing all of the items from a surface table, the Shark dusting brush effectively sucks up the dust particles from any surface. Additionally, this brush, with it’s gentle bristles, will not “scratch or make marks” on painted surfaces when applied to cob webs on walls and ceilings.

Bare Floor Nozzle: This accessory is ideal for hardwood floors and delicate carpets. The low-profile front design is great for picking up large amounts of debris quickly and effortlessly.

Crevice Tool: All of the Navigator lift-away models come with a crevice tool—either a 11, 12 or 24 inch, depending upon the model number. The Shark NV352 models comes standardized with the 24”. The Shark NV351 comes standardized with a 12” crevice tool. The Shark NV350 comes equipped with a 11” crevice tool. However during their recent advertised promotion, you are able to receive a free 24” crevice tool with your order.

This tool is ideal for giving an extra “boost” for reaching deep narrow spaces and for cleaning under baseboards, radiators or any other hard to reach places.

Turbo Brush: This brush is a necessity for the pet owner. With the Sharks “no suction loss vacuum”(keyword) technology, a pet owner can enjoy the freedom of not wearing pet hair on black trousers. The turbo brush effectively eliminates (99%) deep, embedded and ground in dirt from upholstery , car seats and high traffic areas such as carpeted stairs.

Accessory Tool Holder: When first purchasing a Shark lift- away model, this accessory tool is extremely easy to assemble to the base unit. The tool holder makes the transfer of tools readily accessible at a whim. This tool has two spaces for attachments…one for the crevice tool and the other for the dusting bush so both will be readily accessible at all times.

Accessory Bag: Only available with the special promotion of the Shark NV350. This bag is not essentially necessary, but is convenient when you have other tool accessory’s that do not attach to the basic tool holder mentioned above. This accessory bag attaches to the unit itself making all of your tools readily available when needed.

HEPA Filter: This filter entails patented complete seal, Anti allergen technology. Not necessary due to Sharks innovative patented technology of their “no suction loss vacuum”.

Q: What is the “Bare Floor” setting and when should it be used?
A: Basically there are two motor settings on all Shark Navigator models: one for deep cleaning such as carpets and the other for, which should be used all the time to save electricity, for all other functions.

Power 1: (So described on the red power button) should be used for dusting, bare floors, edging, removing cob webs and all other light weight projects….Power 1 saves on the usage of electricity.

Power 2: Also known as the “turbo brush” cleaner, is used for heavy cleaning of carpets, high traffic areas and vehicle detailing. If you have extensive pet hair on upholstery and carpets, use power 2 for deep down cleaning.

The important thing to remember is to “flip the switch” to save on electricity bills when transferring from bare floors to carpets, or light weight cleaning to heavy duty chores.

Q: I have noticed that the Shark Vacuums only comes in one standardized color—Are there other colors available?
A: The Lavender and Gray color of the Shark Vacuums is a trademark. Other colors are available—although hard to come across. Red and yellow model colors are frequently sold out. No known standardized alternative colors are in the present future.

However, recently Dyson, known for its yellow machines—started introducing a shade of purple and gray uniquely similar to the Shark products…….perhaps only to capture a market share to the developing popularity of Sharks reputation. (Remember Dyson is priced three times the value as the Shark—with basically the exact features).

Troubleshooting the Shark MV2010:

The Vac-Then-Steam will not turn on:

  • Your Vac-Then-Steam should be securely plugged into a 120V AC electrical outlet only.
  • Check your fuse or breaker box.
  • Switch Steam or Vacuum Power Button to the ON “1” position.
  • The Vac-Then-Steam will not make steam:
  • Make sure the water tank is filled to the indicated fill line.
  • Attach Steam Pad and Frame to base of the Unit.
  • Switch Steam Power button to the ON “1” position
  • Tilt Mop Handle Back to Generate Steam.

The Vac-Then-Steam leaves water on the floor:

  • Check to see if your micro-fiber cleaning pad has absorbed too much moisture. It is recommended that you unplug the Vac-Then-Steam and replace the micro-fiber cleaning pad.
  • Make sure the steam pad is attached correctly.
  • Wait 30 seconds after switching Steam Power button to the ON “1” position before mopping, allowing water to heat to a 212 º F sanitizing steam. If the unit is not allowed to heat properly, some water may be emitted.

The Vac-Then-Steam is hard to push:

  • Make sure the steam pad is attached correctly
  • Check to see if the cleaning pad is excessively dirty. Replace if the pad is too dirty or wet.
  • Try increasing the height of the pole for better leverage by raising the height of the telescopic pole.

The Vac-Then-Steam is not picking up dirt:

  • Check filters to see if they need cleaning. Follow instructions for rinsing and the drying the filters before re-inserting back into the unit.
  • Dust cup may be full. Empty the dust cup
  • Check nozzle at the cleaning base for blockages. Clear blockages if required.

Shark Vac-Then-Steam Accessories

Troubleshooting Shark S3501:

The Steam Pocket Mop will not turn on: Your Steam Pocket Mop should be securely plugged into a 120V AC electrical outlet only. Check your fuse or breaker box.

Steam Pocket Mop will not make steam: Prime the pump. Is there water in the water tank? If not, add water to your Steam Pocket Mop following the instructions.

Steam Pocket Mop leaves water on the floor: Check to see if your micro-fiber Steam Pocket is too wet or old. It is recommended you unplug the Steam Pocket Mop and change the micro-fiber Steam Pocket. Make sure the steam pocket is attached correctly.

Steam Pocket Mop is hard to push: Make sure the steam pocket is attached correctly. Check to see if your pocket is excessively dirty. Try increasing the height of the pole for better leverage.

Floors are cloudy, streaky or spotty after steaming: The micro-fiber pocket might be dirty. Flip or change the pocket. If you washed the pocket with powder detergent then the pocket might have residue and might be ruined. If you are cleaning in a kitchen area where there might be a build up of grease then use a decreasing agent such as an all purpose cleaner or dish soap and paper towels to spot clean the area first. You may also have left the mop in storage, in one spot for too long. Do you have hard water? If you do, it is recommended switching to distilled water. The streaking might also be leftover from past cleaners used on the floor surface. Use the steam mop a few more times and see if the leftover cloudiness is removed.

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